NIGHT QUEEN Exotic Concentrated Perfume Oil ~15ml


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Inspired by and dedicated to the Moon Flower, the Queen of the Night, a rare and exquisite night blooming desert flower that blooms for only one night each year

Night Queen is a deliciously complex and masterful floriental fragrance


Absolutely delicious straight from the bottle. 


Smells very much like a mixture of velvety peaches, orange flowers.  It smells warm and very edible. Extremely cosy and comforting. Drowsy Sunday morning in a bottle.  Lemony-peony-peach flowers, and earthiness combined with an aromatic accord that is brilliantly cheerful and luxurious. As time progresses, the fragrance developes into a  powderiness that identifies itself as a warm sweet spicy sultry woods, peony, gardenia and tuberose type accord that bloom together like white flowers in a dense, dark night. The florals are as bright as a full white moon on a black sea. Long hours later, after the perfume has calmed down, a fresh and tender green earthiness rises to a soft sensual vanilla and light woods finish and the perfume becomes very sophisticated, very "night out," and strangest of all, it becomes comforting


Scent Type: Floriental 

Enjoy the this wonderful scent all day.  Super concentrated 100% pure perfume oil. You only need a small amount

This sale is for one 15ml perfume Packaged in a bottle with ROLL ON perfume applicator


If you love floral fragrances - here is an instant mood-booster!.  Packaged in a cute glass bottle that you will be proud to display on your dresser. Perfume oils or mixtures of essential oils, and herb or flower essences have been around since ancient times.  These oils were used not only to smell exotic and luxurious, but also to lift the mood of the wearer with the aroma’s therapeutic qualities. Sukran's concentrated perfume oils have the same idea. This perfume oil is a fabulous natural scent to calm your mind, boost your body, and rejuvenate your spirit


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