GOLDEN SAHARA Exotic Perfume Oil & Solid Perfume SET


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 Exotic blend of spice, fresh musk, warm amber and woods.  This perfume oil attar opens with light, fresh notes of saffron with middles notes from the resin of golden amber.  Long lasting, warm and silky smooth blend with base notes of the finest sandalwood oils and fresh soft sensual musk.   A harmonious fragrance to calm your mood and lift your heart.  Concentrated perfume oil - you just need the tiniest drop!!


***Packaged in a cute little 3ml roll on perfume bottle with a matching 3ml solid perfume ***


The history of perfumery and aromatic oils have their origins in ancient Arabia. It was Arab perfumers who developed the techniques and traditions which laid down the cornerstones of today’s multimillion-dollar perfume industry. Pharoahs and their queens used exotic and fragrant oils.


Merchants traveled on an ancient caravan route across Africa, The Sahara, and Arabia carrying luxurious cargoes of gold, gemstones and precious oils for the Queen of Sheba. These captivating fragrant oils were from traditional Arabian perfumery. King Solomon was famous for his fragrant gifts. Mary Magdalene anointed the feet of Jesus with precious oils of Damascus rose, and tuberose. Cleopatra anointed the sails of her ships with sweet aroma, and fragrant smoke wafted from incense burners aboard her ship to the people who had lined the shores to view this magnificent queen's arrival. Perfume and incense continue to play a major part in everyday life across the Arab world. The techniques, traditions and perfumes first developed in the Middle East centuries ago form the cornerstones of the present-day international perfume industry, and have become among its greatest treasures.


This listing is 3ml of CONCENTRATED perfume oil which will not evaporate or deteriorate over time with a matching 3ml solid perfume.


Perfume Oils are great value for money and you only need the tiniest amount of this super concentrated perfume oil Buy it - Try it - If you do not like it - I will give you your money back - 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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