SOLID Perfume Oils

Enjoy wonderful scent all day in a completely natural solid perfume

Wouldn’t it be great if you could carry your favorite fragrance with you all day? You could have an instant mood-booster right at your disposal. Well, that could prove quite difficult if your scent of choice is a precious, expensive liquid and comes in a fragile, glass container; those perfumes should probably stay on your dresser. But I’ve discovered a fabulous way to carry my favorite scents – solid perfume.

Solid perfume (or cream perfume) originated in ancient Egypt and made from a mixture of beeswax, essential oils, and herb or flower essences. These balms were used not only to smell exotic and luxurious, but also to lift the mood of the wearer with the aroma’s therapeutic qualities.  Sukran's solid perfumes have the same idea. 


These solid perfumes are fabulous organic scents to calm your mind, boost your body, and rejuvenate your spirit

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FOUR Exotic Solid Perfume Oils by Sukran ~ GIFT SET

FOUR Exotic Solid Perfume Oils by Sukran ~ GIFT SET

  *SPECIAL OFFER* FOUR AMAZING FRAGRANCES - Here is your chance to buy four 5 gram gift sized exotic concentrated Solid Perfume Oils by Sukran - gift packed in a white organza bag - at a give...


Handcrafted Solid Perfume Compact - Pocket Watch

Handcrafted Solid Perfume Compact - Pocket Watch

Steeped in nature, love and imagination Finely crafted of moisturizing ingredients and high concentrations of fragrance, in a purse-friendly. replica timepiece. The lush solid perfume will endure...

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