SAMIRAH Concentrated Perfume Oil Attar ~15ml~


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An encapsulation of east meets west. 


The sensual magic of this stunning fragrance is released when it meets the skin.  Creamy vanilla blanketed in waves of smooth white oud and enhanced in kisses of subtle white rose and yellow saffron.  Nothing short of an awesomely light vanilla floral oriental fragrance. 


You only need a small amount - long lasting

It comes in a small and very handy sized 15ml bottle with a roll on dispenser. 

You can throw it in your handbag, take it anywhere and never worry about the contents spilling. 

It is 100% pure CONCENTRATED perfume oil and will not evaporate or deteriorate over time.

Buy it - Try it - If you are not happy with your purchase I will give you your money back - 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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