Solid Shampoo Bar ~85 grams


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Shampoo bars. With their minimal packaging, are better for the environment than traditional plastic bottles. They’re convenient for travel, no chance of unfortunate spills or explosions. Plus, since a standard bar lasts for around 80 washes, they’re a much better value than liquid shampoo. And, more importantly, our Solid Shampoo Bars make your hair look and feel great!


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Have you been considering making the move away from liquid shampoo? Or, are you already a solid shampoo bar convert who wants to convince friends and family to come on board? There are so many reasons why everyone can benefit from switching to solid shampoo bars and solid conditioner bars. They’re better for your hair, your health, your wallet and your planet.


Don’t keep your curiosity bottled up any longer, try our Solid Shampoo Bar!


CAN YOU USE A SHAMPOO BAR ON YOUR BODY? Because the surfactants used are nice and gentle and the pH is also skin-friendly, you can use the shampoo bar on your body too. That makes it especially travel-friendly because you really only need to pack one bar for all over cleansing.


HOW TO USE A SHAMPOO BAR Shampoo bars are actually quite simple to use. Using one is just like using a bar of soap. In fact, you can begin the process by lathering up the shampoo bar in your hands just as if you were washing them. Once you’ve worked up a lather, you can then rub your foamy hands over your hair and scalp, rubbing it in to work up a lather. Make sure you store it in a dry place after use.

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