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Make Your own Creams and Lotions
Nonionic self-emulsifying wax is mild, provides excellent stability, and is very easy to use. Emulsifying Polar Wax NF is used to make viscous (thick) or thin emulsions, depending on the concentration at which it is used. Use this vegetable based emulsifier at about 5% to keep water and oil combined for lotions, creams, conditioners, etc. Melt wax with other oils and waxes.
INCI Name: Emulsifying Wax NF.  Origin: USA
Physical Form: Pastilles. Melting Point: 50-54C. Recommended use levels are 3-5% for lotions and 5-10% for creams.
Applications:  Creams, Lotions, Shampoos, Conditioners, Pomades, Sunscreens, Pharmaceutical Ointments, Salves, and Skin Protection.
Have you ever wanted to make your own natural creams and lotions and thought it would be too complicated? Think again - I have found this really easy recipe to get you started.  Soon you will be making homemade hand cream in no time! 
How to Make your very own Handmade Hand Lotion - The Easy Way!
Easy Olive Oil and Lavender Hand Cream
1 1/4 cup hot water (used distilled or demineralised or rain water)
1/4 cup Emulsifying Wax
1/4 cup Olive oil
4 grams Vitamin E (you can squeeze it out of capsules) or you can buy it here
24-36 drops lavender essential oil (or you could try a blend of lavender and ylang ylang or tea tree oil)
  1. In a Pyrex measuring glass combine the olive oil and emulsifying wax and microwave for 1 minute until it is all melted. The temperature on this reads about 65-68 degrees Celsius.
  2. Place the water in another heat proof container and microwave for 1 minute or until the water is about 48-50 degrees Celsius.
  3. While the water is heating up, add the lavender essential oil and Vitamin E into your melted wax/olive oil mixture.
  4. Pour the hot water into the wax/olive oil mixture mix it with a whisk or mix-master and watch it turn milky white. At this point check the temperature it should be about 50 degrees Celsius.
  5. Once the mixture is well blended and creamy, pour the hot lotion into jars and let cool overnight. The next morning you’ll have a fresh jar of homemade natural hand lotion!
  6. Of course, you’ll need decorative labels to put on your jars, which you can download from the link below - http://www.howtostartanorganicgarden.com/Product/HandLotion.pdf
To preserve or not to preserve - that is the question (see my notes in relation to storage below).  Vitamin E is fantastic for your skin and it is all a natural preservative but it will not be enough to keep this cream for a long time.  If you are making the cream for yourself, there should be no problem, however, if you make it and give it away - you should consider the addition of another preservative.  
Want some more easy recipe ideas?  Try this website - it is amazing - http://tipnut.com/homemade-moisturizing-lotion/
Unless you add an additional preservative to this cream I would recommend keeping it in the refrigerator where it should keep for at least 2 weeks or longer if you use Vitamin E.  Products with water based ingredients are especially vulnerable to bacteria and rancidity.  Take extra care to keep your cream from becoming contaminated.  I suggest storing the cream in a closed capped bottle or if you are using a cream jar, to use a clean ice cream paddle stick or other utensil to dispense the lotion (as opposed to your fingers).  This can help to extend the life of your cream.  If your cream changes in color, scent, or appearance, it may have expired or it may have become contaminated.  Discontinue using any cream or lotion that you suspect has gone bad.
If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to send me a message
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