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Solid BLACK glass roll on perfume bottle with matching cap.  If  you buy more than one of these bottles your postage will be combined and you will save costs on shipping.
Perfume Oils are easy to make and you can also craft your own handmade perfumery.  Aromatics are simply dropped into a suitable carrier oil and blended until fully mixed.  You carrier oil should be considered carefully for color, scent, and stability.
Ideally, you are looking for an oil that has no scent of its own, and is very stable. Jojoba Oil is an excellent choice because it is non-greasy and has an unlimited shelf life.
Here are some sample recipes for you to try!
Create your perfumes at 2.5 – 5.0% dilution i.e. 25 – 50 drops per 50ml of base liquid, such as, Jojoba Oil – depending on oil strength and aroma preferred. You can find Jojoba Oil in our online shop. 
Remember the resinous oils (like Sandalwood, Frankincense and Patchouli) will help fix and preserve the scent.
Blend 1
Bergamot 20 (drops)
Neroli 10
Jasmine 10
Patchouli 5
Blend 2
Rose 10
Orange 20
Neroli 10
Sandalwood 5
Blend 3
Ylang Ylang 10
Bergamot 20
Lime 10
Frankincense 5
And if you are feeling a little more adventurous - try this old fashioned cologne recipe.  
Instead of a carrier oil, this recipe uses Benzoin Tincture as a substitute for perfumer's alcohol.
But you may want to put this perfume into a spray bottle container.
You can find Benzoin Tincture for sale in our online shop. 
Old fashioned Eau-de-Cologne  
8 drops bergamot
7 drops petitgrain
1 drops orange
7 drops lemon
3 drops lavender
3 drops neroli
5 ml orange flower water
Why stop at Perfumes?  With these bottles you can also make a great lip gloss!
Roll on Lip Gloss
56g Almond Oil
Lip Balm Flavouring if desired
Mica to colour if desired
Stevia to taste if desired 
Length:2 1/4 inch (55mm)
Diameter: 3/4" (20mm)

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