Doug Murray's Bay Rum Shaving Soap ~200 grams (7oz)~


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Doug Murray's Bay Rum Shaving Soap

200 grams (7 oz)

About as good as it gets for a clean comfortable shave!
Warning - once you try a real soap to shave with, you may never use a commercial shaving cream again!

A natural shaving soap for a close moisturised shave.  Great fragrance - smells just like the barber shop!  Your razor will glide over your skin and wash out quickly. This soap does not dry out your skin.  Little or no aftershave is needed. All you need is a brush and some water for a great shave. 

No drying alcohol in this product.

Packaged in a very convenient tin that is also ideal for travel

All natural shaving soap - no artifical colours - no animal products - no animal testing

Bay Rum is made using oil extracted from the leaves of the West Indian bay tree, (Pimenta recemosa) Myrtle Family - also called wild cinnamon.  

Bay Essential Oil has a sweet, fresh and spicy scent

From about 1900 to 1950, there was an extremely popular man's cologne and aftershave called Bay Rum. In England, the application of bay rum after a haircut and shave was a matter of routine in almost all of the best barbershops, and in United States high schools, the delightful fragrance of bay rum cologne would often permeate the classroom where young men treated shaving as a matter of coming of age.


The Bay Rum scent originates in the West Indies, where sailors have been using the leaves of the bay tree for centuries. With the establishment of formal colonies in the West Indies, people came up with all sorts of creative ways to use local products, and bay rum was one of them. Bay Rum is a distillation of the leaves of Pimenta racemosa or the West Indian Bay Tree. Traditionally, the leaves have been steeped in rum to pull out their essential oils.


Today modern bay rum is made by blending distilled oils with a variety of tropical fragrances, leaving the rum out.  

The scent of bay rum is a very distinctive slightly woody, sweet, earthy scent, infused with aromatic spices.  Bay Oil has calming and warming therapeutic properties and is helpful for skin and scalp conditons.



Doug Murray's Bay Rum Shaving Soap

Made from natural vegetable oils with Bay Essential Oil and specially formulated without irritating alcohol, and is soothing to the skin while shaving - Excellent for sensitive skin - Rich hard working lather.




Buy it - Try it - If you do not love this shaving soap I will give you your money back - 100% satisfaction guaranteed





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