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DEAD SEA SALTS - 100 grams - Make Your Own Bath Salts!


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The Benefits of Dead Sea Salt
The waters of the Dead Sea have been renowned for their therapeutic effects since ancient times. Two thousand years ago, Flavius wrote that the salts from the Dead Sea heal the human body.
The waters from the Dead Sea are unique in that they contain 27% of various salts as compared to 3% in normal sea water. Further, while sodium accounts for approximately 80% of the salt content of normal sea water, it comprises much less of the salt total in water from the Dead Sea. The balance of the salts in Dead Sea water are magnesium, potassium, calcium 
You can create your own healing Dead Sea baths. Dead Sea bath salts can be used at home or packaged for gifts. Make the salts and soak regularly to reap the benefits of these special salts.
This sale is for 100 grams of 100% pure Dead Sea Mineral Salt.  
It will be sent to you packaged in a zip lock bag.
How to Make Dead Sea Bath Salts
  • Choose some essential oils to add to your bath salt mixture. You should choose an essential oil that has therapeutic aromatic benefits. The following are some popular aromatherapy choices:
For a relaxing effect - use sweet basil, bergamot, chamomile, cedarwood, cinnamon, clove, jasmine, lavender or vanilla.
For an energizing effect - use cardamom, grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass, lime, nutmeg, sweet orange, peppermint, pine or wintergreen.
For a purifying effect - use citronella, cypress, eucalyptus, hyssop, marjoram, myrtle, oregano, rosemary, spruce, tea tree or thyme.
  • Choose a carrier oil. This will help to coat and distribute the scent around the Dead Sea salts. Grapeseed Oil is a good choice.
  1. Pour 100 grams of Dead Sea salts into a large bowl.
  2. Pour 1 teaspoon of carrier oil into a measuring spoon. Mix it into your bath salts with a large spoon.
  3. Add drops of essential oils, stirring the salts well after each drop. Start with 2 drops and add as many as 10.
  4. Feel free to add your own herbs, such as, lavender buds or rose petals.
  5. Store in an airtight container until you are ready to bathe. Use the entire 100 grams of sea salts at once to create a bath, with benefits similar to those of the Dead Sea.


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